Your Daddy

My dearest children,

You are very lucky.  There are many lucky kids out there, but few as lucky as you.  You have so many people who love you, but one of the most important people is your Daddy.

Your Daddy loves you in a way that only a Daddy can.  Your Daddy will be your rock, your go-to-guy, the main man in your life.  He will be your best friend, your worst enemy and everything in between.  You will have days where he’s your favorite and days where you are mad at him.  There will be times you come crying to Mama, and many where you will run to Daddy with your tears.  Daddy will be your hero, the one you compare all other men in your life to.  Your one and only Daddy.

You will call him Dada, Dad, Daddy, Pop.  You’ll share your most important memories with him.  You’ll play catch in the yard, kick a ball around, ride on his shoulders, wwrestle in the living room, share your secrets with him.  You’ll look to him for advice.  Sometimes you’ll listen, sometimes you won’t.  When you’re older you’ll ask him about when you were young.  You’ll laugh at his jokes, you’ll giggle at his stories.

Your Daddy is a patient man.  He is strong when Mama needs a break.  Daddy can wrestle and play after a full day of work.  Even when he’s sick on the couch, if you come grab his hand he follows you to play.  He snuggles with you and kisses your little head.  He rocks you to sleep.  He makes you laugh and laugh.  He is silly, and you love it.

He will give you a bath and let you splash and splash.  He will play in the mud, let you play with the power tools, take you in the garage to let you help him.  He’ll let you sit in his lap while he plumbs the sink or fixes the house.  He will let you invade his personal bubble and not blink an eye.  He will love every second of it.

Your Daddy was ment to be a Dad.  He tells you he loves you, and even better he shows you how much every day.

I hope even on the days where you aren’t your Daddy’s biggest fan, that you will know how very loved and how very, very lucky you are to have Your Daddy. ♥