Taking offense to what makes a “good mom”

I read this article yesterday:


I get the overall message of the article, and I see the point of mama’s these days feeling like they have to go above and beyond to make themselves or others think that they are being a “good mom” purely through appearances.  But one of the lines I take serious offense to:

“For a few years, I got caught up in the “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better” parenting model, which mandates you scour Pinterest for the best ideas, execute them flawlessly, and then share the photo evidence with strangers and friends via blogs and Facebook posts.”

I’m curious how Pinterest and Blogs and Facebook has anything to do with being considered a “good mom”?  Since when do outside hobbies and creativity and sharing turn into the “anything you can do I can do better parenting model”?  As a crafty person, I’ve always been interested in crafts and organization and blaming Pinterest for promoting a new form of Parenting seems a little harsh.  Yes, I use Pinterest for ideas for J, but I also use Pinterest for home ideas, cleaning ideas, meal ideas, projects for the Hubs etc.  How does that make me one of these so called “anything you can do I can do better” parents?

The fact that I choose to share my ideas and projects and that I have this blog has nothing to do with me trying to show that I’m a “good mom”.  My hobbies do not define my worth as a mother.  My choosing to share with my family and friends and whomever else may come across this blog has nothing to do with trying to prove that I’m a better mom than any other mom out there.  I am a good mom because I love my son.  I love him unconditionally and I do anything and everything that I can for him.  If that involves and idea I took from Pinterest then so be it, that doesn’t mean that Pinterest makes me a good mom.

I share my ideas to help inspire other people, mom’s included.  I share my stories here and on Facebook to keep my family and friends who are out of state in the loop with my family’s life.  I enjoy doing projects and making my home and my life better by incorporating new ideas and trying new things.  None of these things define my worth as a Mom.  I am a GREAT MOM whether I do these things or not.  I don’t know of a single mom out there who rates her worth as a parent by the number of Facebook shares, or the number of Pinterest ideas used at their kiddo’s birthday parties.  And for those of you out there who judge other mom’s because they choose or don’t choose to share their ideas and photos via social media, shame on you.  Mom’s do not attempt to gain popularity points by the number of shares and posts that they accomplish throughout their little one’s childhood.

We are GREAT MOM’S when we love our children.  With or without money, photos, “keeping up with the Jones'” mentality, big houses, more toys that you know what to do with, or fancy schools.  If you love your child and you do whatever you can to keep your child safe and cared for, you are a GREAT MOM.


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