Mamafied “Camping”

Friday we went camping!  Well, more like “camping” – or Mamafied camping I’d say.  We took the kiddo up to Lost Park outside of Jefferson and spent the afternoon out in the wilderness and sunshine.  Daddy actually camped overnight, but J and I headed to my parents cabin nearby so that we could be a little more comfy for the night. ( I wasn’t looking forward to sleeping in the back of the truck with J and the Pup and the Hubs and I.)  But J did have fun hanging outside for the afternoon! He’s never really been in the dirt.  Grass yes, but not just straight dry dirt.  But he sure did know exactly what to do with it.  Wasn’t more than a minute that he had his feet on the ground and he had a twig or a rock or some piece of dirt in his mouth…

  10418731_10101576017804673_960357821_o 10404806_10101576017230823_1691256263_o



Izzy had fun too, there were so many sticks she didn’t know what to do with herself!

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We got great use out of the GoPod too, it was a little too dirty to let J just roll around in the filth like he would have liked…I know, I had to be one of those mama’s that day…I just didn’t want a filthy little one for the rest of the night!  He had plenty of fun anyway.

So much fun watching him exploring the world around him, and we’re super lucky that we are able to introduce him to all these new things!

When it got a little chilly we sat in the back of the Yukon with him and let him wander around the back, which he thought was just awesome.  It was like a mobile playpen.  Opened the back hatch and he played peek-a-boo through the windows as Daddy ran around the truck.  So fun to have time to just enjoy each other’s company and not worry about what time it was or the distraction of the computer or the TV.  Outside it was just us, just family time 🙂


Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend full of family as well 🙂






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