Water Play

I’m so excited that it’s warm enough outside to break out the water play outdoors!  I think J is gonna be a water baby! He loves bath time, fountains, and sprinklers.  But water play can be just a bunch of kitchen tools and a tub of water.  Easy peasy and keeps the little ones entertained for quite a while.  J especially loves the baster brush and kept using it to splash the water or paint the patio.

10388666_10101588353573693_460545117_o 10412273_10101588350464923_1225340392_o 10412307_10101588349741373_984206493_o (1) 10412307_10101588349741373_984206493_o 10422764_10101588353623593_1901870700_o 10435292_10101588350569713_486093599_o

What a fun simple way to spend an afternoon, and it’s totally FREE too!


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