Sticky Fingers

We have officially entered the age of the Sticky Finger Baby.  Nothing is off limits, at least in his eyes, and everything is within reach…tabletops are no longer safe!  Anything below counter height is fair game.  J’s even learned how to climb or step onto other things in order to get those few extra inches he needs to reach whatever-it-may-be that is surely taunting him just out of reach.

He also loves paper.  Like has a weird addiction to it…I may have to stage an intervention…Every time I turn around he’s found some kind of paper to chew on.  Little stinker!  Do babies have Pika?  I’m not kidding you, he’ll rip off the corner of a cardboard box, tear through envelopes like they’re nothing, and bite off an entire corner of a 3 ring binder before you even know he has access to any of those things!

That begin said, an office is like a haven for this little paper eating monster…envelopes, paper, tissues, sticky notes galore.  I do my best to keep them out of his reach, but you try and keep tabs on every piece of paper in an office space…uh huh.

My desk is rather large, but the usable space is now limited to only the area 6 inches from each edge…otherwise it’s fair game for Mr. Sticky Fingers!

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And you can’t possibly be mad at that little face!

I finally had to yell at him the other day after he’d not only pulled every file off my desk, but also pulled out all the files’ contents and spread them all over my office in the course of about 30 seconds.  He just turned around and looked at me with a scrunchy nose.

 I imagine he was thinking “what do you mean “NO”? These delicious paper items are for me, aren’t they?!”