Don’t feed the baby

Maybe it’s just me.  Or maybe it’s all Mama’s.  There’s something about being a Mama that makes you a little crazy.  Crazy about a lot of things really, but today I’m talking food.  What is it about other people feeding your child that makes a little crazy bomb go off in your head?  They aren’t feeding them rat poison, it’s not like what they are being fed is dog food.  It’s human food, made for consumption, and as long as it’s semi-age appropriate, what’s the big deal, right?

Um crazy mama says WRONG!  It didn’t start to bug me until J was old enough to eat just about anything…so just in the last month or two.  Which may be why I feel like I took a crazy pill in the last 2 months too…10 months is a big developmental step and there’s lots of things semi-out of my control now.  Now that he’s under his own propulsion (seriously it’s like he’s got rocket on his feet), it’s much harder to keep track of where he’s at 100% of the time.  That being said, it may be that my inner crazy mama has heightened her awareness greatly due to the fact that I can’t watch him 100% of the time….and over the past month he’s eaten goose poop, paper, and who knows what out of the trash and off the floor without my knowledge.  Oy. Building his immune system…right?!

I really don’t consider myself to be a neurotic mama who has all J’s meals planned out and incorporates each food group into each meal every day.  Far from it actually.  Usually I’m throwing together whatever I can dig out of the fridge or pantry to feed him or he’s eating the same thing that I eat.  He gets far too many graham crackers and yogi melts for lack of me being better prepared.  So why then does my crazy go off when someone else (that I trust) gives him a cheerio or a piece of granola bar?  Not sure I can actually explain that one outside of the crazy mama theory…I think it’s just hard wired into us as mamas.

Most of me (the sane, rational part) really actually appreciates that there are others around me that are helping to watch over and take care of my little one.  If he’s hungry and giving them the puppy dog eyes, then I would certainly give him a little bite too…ahhh irony.

Any other mama’s out there have these crazy mama moments?


Keep Calm and…

There is simply not enough time in the day.  Today was one of those days where everything seemed to suddenly catch up to me.  J’s on the move, too many deadlines, far too many dirty dishes, the house is a mess, J won’t eat dinner, feeling overwhelmed…man it’s only Thursday?  Today I felt like a headless chicken.

It went a little like this:  7:30 arrive at work.  Run here, do this.  Run there, do that.  Oh wait, go back and finish the first thing since you got distracted trying to keep J from eating that spider over there.  Wait, what was I just doing?  Oh, right.  Run back over there.  Stop to feed some crackers to J.  Try and spend a solid 5-10 minutes on this project while he is content with his crackers.  Keep J from pushing the power button on the computer.  Give J a wooden spoon and move him to the other part of the office.  Work for another 3 minutes before he makes his way across the office back to the computer.  Give J a quick snuggle and put him in the pack-n-play.  He likes to look out the window there…good I’ll have maybe 10 minutes to get this done.  One thing down.  It’s now 9 am.  Only took me 1 1/2 hours to accomplish one thing (that should have taken 20 minutes) and half accomplish about 1000.  Nap time! Nurse J and put down in crib.  Close office door and try to type silently so as not to wake J.  9:30 J wakes up.  Managed to get 1 more thing accomplished.  Snack time, give J a snack and then put him with some toys hoping for another 20 minutes to get to a stopping point.  Spend the next 30 minutes working/moving J from under your chair to over with his toys repeatedly. Lunch time, attempt to feed J yogurt (which he refuses to eat) while also trying to remember if you’ve had anything to eat today.  Run errands hoping that J will sleep in the car.  He doesn’t.  Go stop at Wendy’s and then visit Gramma at work for a bit.  Go to the post office.  J sleeps in car on the way back to work (yay).  Spend the next 2 hours at the office trying to accomplish the most possible with the same silly baby distracting you with snuggles all the while.  Finally head home.  J sleeps in car.  Arrive home to far too many dishes in the sink and no food in the fridge.  Throw in a frozen pizza while giving your hubby the silent treatment over said dishes.  Attempt to get J to eat something for dinner.  Manage to distract him enough to get a full yogurt in him.  Attempt to eat said pizza with sleepy and fussy baby.  Bed time for J.  Takes mama and daddy 20 minutes each to finally get J down.  Aaaannnnnddd 8pm.  With a mere hour before I fall asleep myself.

I think the following apply quite nicely to my day:

Mid-morning =



Late afternoon =




J’s bedtime =




9:00pm =