Family Pets

Izzy, Chloe and Zeke.  Our first children, really.  They are what we used as “practice” for our future parenthood.  We got Chloe and Zeke our first year together. Kitties are pretty easy though, but still gives you something besides yourself to take care of every day.  Then we got Izzy as a puppy the year after we got married.  Izzy was the real practice…a 4 month old puppy.  She really introduced us to sleep deprivation and cleaning up the house every morning (yay potty training).

When J came along, we weren’t sure how the kitties and Izzy would react, when we’d introduced Izzy to the family, Chloe didn’t come out from under the bed for a month and threw up all over the house in protest…what were we in for with a baby?!

Well, we lucked out.  Izzy was a great mama bear and didn’t even budge when J cried at all hours of the night.  She stayed close and made sure everyone was OK.  Luckily Gramma was around to give Izzy a little extra (and needed) TLC the first few weeks we were home with J.  The Kitties didn’t even seem to notice there was something new in the house.  Although they did lay claim to all of the baby gear…”this crib is for us, no?”





Keeping a close on on baby J 🙂

Chloe was always a little persnickety…she used to scratch the heck out of me anytime I picked her up, and she wouldn’t come too close for too long.  Not a cuddly kitty and she certainly had no tolerance for being snuggled.  Then came J.  There’s something absolutely adorable about a kiddo connecting with a pet.  Chloe will be J’s kitty from now on.  She stays close to him, puts up with him pulling her tail, her fur, her whiskers, and she doesn’t make a peep.  Chloe found her person 🙂

Zeke is starting to realize that as J becomes more mobile, he will be an acceptable source of attention.  He’s coming around, but hasn’t quite warmed up to J as much.

Izzy is a little unsure when J tries to lay on her or give her smooches, but she’s so great with other little kiddo’s that once J gets a little bigger she’ll come around and they’ll be good buddies.

Being parents to pets is a little different that parents to kiddos, but we still hope that we raise them right, that they get enough love and attention, and we spoil them all the same.  We love all of our children.