10 Reasons Being a parent makes you feel Old

1. Bedtime is at 8:30pm.  For you.

2.  You have to eat dinner by 6pm or you’re so hungry you feel like you might pass out.

3. You discover all new aches and pains.  Probably because you spent the last 4 hours of the night sleeping in a chair so your little one could sleep.

4. When you get up in the middle of the night with the little one, you have to pee.

5. You are now up by 7am every day, no matter if it’s Saturday or not.  Even if the kid actually sleeps in, you can’t.

6. You get really annoyed when your neighbors are being loud past 7pm.  If they wake up your kid, there’s going to be blood.

7. You are tired almost comatose after 1 beer.

8. Your back or arms or shoulders are always sore.  (You do carry around a sack of potatoes 99% of the time).

9. You almost always have food on you, or drool, or snot…

10.  You discuss bowel movements on a regular basis.

Cheers to being a parent and everything that goes with it 🙂