Simple dresser update project – DIY

One of the many piece of furniture I have in the house is this old “vintage” dresser that I scapped up from my grandparents a few years ago.  I have no idea how old or “vintage” it really is, but since it’s of the grandparents era, I like to assume that its an antique of sorts. I think it’s adorable – although somewhere along the way of its past it lost it’s original stain and the locks were removed and all the original pulls and handles were replaced with random mis-matched brass and faux gold cheap-o ones.  Up until recently I haven’t had a real reason to update it at all, but now that I’ll be using the dresser in Baby Girl’s room, I figured why not at least spruce it up a little?  Since all the furniture in her room is of natural wood coloring(ish) I didn’t bother messing with re-staining it or painting it, but definitely wanted to update the pulls since they were atrocious.


Dresser with old pulls and knobs…ugly, am I right? Doesn’t do the cuteness of the dresser any justice

So then I did the usual sear on Pinterest to see what I could come up with for cute purple drawer knobs and came across a posting that took white ceramic knobs and a sharpie and turned something drab into way cute (and way cheap).  Of course I thought about ordering hand painted or cutesy crystal knobs but at $6+ each knob it would have cost me over $60…ouch.

So, I went to Home Depot and found ceramic knobs for around $2.00 each x 9 pulls = $18 – sweet!

I had a lilac sharpie at home already – and the beauty is that you can use ANY color of sharpie that you want in any pattern or design that you want too.  I liked the general look of the Pinterest idea, so I stuck with that.

10578744_10101821128540793_1433530654_o 10718741_10101821127547783_1994320034_o10732244_10101823577947163_2128561753_o

I only colored the top part of the knob as opposed to the whole thing, I liked the “flower” look of it that way so I left it.  It was way easy to color it in the pattern I liked too.  Wasn’t really sure it would be as easy as they said…but it was.

Once you get them all colored, let them sit for an hour or overnight (however long to let the sharpie dry a little so it won’t smudge)  Then put them in a baking pan and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  Once done, leave them in the oven to cool.

10677228_10101823893165463_1902812030_o 10682714_10101823892626543_1131646717_o

Wah-la! Not the greatest pictures as it doesn’t do it justice, but for $18 getting something custom and way cuter is totally worth it in my book!