Mommy Craft #2 – Spring Wreath

Hooray for another successful mommy craft day!  This time Spring wreaths were on the docket.

K and I got a bunch of ideas from Pinterest and then used some of our own imagination.

Here’s what we started with:

10" Natural Grapevine Wreath

You can find these at any craft store for about $4 each – what a steal! Especially if you catch the 50% off sales.

Then we picked out one good quality fake flower bunch, we went with Hydranga’s

Botanic Artistry Cream Hydrangea

We also picked up some smaller accent flowers with a little more greenery to them

6' White & Cream Apple Blossom Garland

We also picked up some wooden letters and burlap ribbon to add

This is how they turned out



A little hot glue and paint for the letters and ta-da!  Not bad at all for around $20-25 each!  Way cheaper than something similar pre-made at any store.



Plus the kiddos got to have a play-date too 🙂 Major bonus 🙂



J thought it was so fun to help little K out by bringing him toys and helping bounce him in his chair.  He was pretty fascinated by another little baby in such close proximity.  Baby’s seem to have that built in intuition that they just know when there is another little baby or little kid.  So fun to see these two growing up together 🙂


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