Dental hyGenes

As I sit here typing with half of my face numb and the other half tingly from 2 fillings today, I can’t help but think back on the many many many many times I’ve been in the dental chair.  My first major filling was when I was 4.  Since then my mouth has always been total crap.  Not for lack of brushing either, just genetics (I tell myself).  My mom has told me the story countless times.  During my 4 year old wellness checkup the doc noticed that one of my molars was rotting out of my head.  Brushing wasn’t in my routine at that age.  Whoops.

Now as a mom myself, I can’t say that I would remember to incorporate regular brushing into my kiddos routines either.  It’s not something that I’d put at the top of my list for sure.  The times I’ve ever had to help a little one brush their teeth, it’s more them sucking the toothpaste off the brush rather then actually “brushing” anything.  So even if you are “brushing” every night, there’s no guarantee that there will be any major effect.

I do have the baby finger toothbrush thingy and the baby toothpaste (no fluoride), and in the last 10 months we have used it…maybe 3 times.  Whoops.  The experts tell you to brush even before teeth.  Ha, no teeth? Like I’m going to remember to brush something that doesn’t exist yet.  Kudos to the mama’s out there who keep dental hygiene at the top of their list.  I am not one of them, apparently.

Speaking of teeth…J has 6 now. holy crap.  He didn’t have any and now he’s got 6.  No wonder he’s been such a pill lately.  I knew he was cutting teeth on the top, but I tipped him upside down one day and got a glimpse of 4 top teeth cutting at the same time.  I would be grumpy too!  Poor lil’ guy 😦

Teething from here on should look something like this…although I’m taking this with a grain of salt.



Found this on good ol’ Pinterest.


When did your little one teeth?  Did they come in easy or was it a grump fest at your house too?



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