10 Things more fun than “toys”

I can’t count the number of times people have told me “don’t buy toys, baby’s will play with anything…”  Well, here’s proof…even after I refused to believe them and still buy too many toys for J

10 things a 10 month old thinks are more fun than toys:


1. Grass in your toes (or your mouth)


2. playing with the vacuum or “helping” vacuum


3. eating mama’s hoodie pull strings (delicious)


4. Playing with my socks


5. pulling everything out of the cabinets


6. Cardboard boxes


7. climbing into the shelves


8. Drumming on pots


9. Playing with kitty


10. Trying to break mama’s good dishes

I have about 5 more that J’s come up with in the last month but they are all videos and I can’t load them here…boo cuz they are hillarious.

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