My first Mother’s Day

This is my first official Mother’s Day.  Last Mother’s Day I was still preggers, so Yes I was a mother already, but it didn’t hold the same weight.  After almost a year of being a Mama to little J, I can’t imagine any other way of life.  I don’t remember what the Hubs and I used to do with our free time, I don’t remember how I used to go about my day without J being involved in every part of it.  It’s amazing how much your life changes when you become a Mama.

Mother is a verb.  It’s something you do.  Not just who you are. – Dorothy Canfield Fisher

There are a few things I’ve learned in the last year.  Being a parent changes a lot of things, but these come to mind.

  • Even though you mastered snaps so long ago you can’t remember, You will come to find out that those 3 snaps on the bottom of a onsie are your arch-enemy during middle of the night diaper changes and all of toddlerhood.
  • Velcro can be a blessing and a curse.  Velcro shoes are nice and quick.  But Velcro on diapers runs in the same family as snaps during diaper changes.  Try getting the Velcro secured with a squirming infant.  Just try.
  • Remember how you used to get to sleep in? Emphasis on USED TO.  Like you will never get to do this again.
  • Get used to worrying. There’s no use trying to deny it or block it.  You have a person that will continue to give you crease lines on your forehead for the rest of eternity.
  • You will get dirty.  If you are squeamish about blood, boogers, poo, pee, vomit or drool you’ll need to get over it. Like, Now.
  • You will know no greater love for any single thing in this world.
  • Trying to teach good sleeping habits to your child will make you think you’ve forgotten that you even know what good sleeping habits are. After all, how long has it been since you got a full nights sleep?
  • Leaving your child with someone else for the first time will break your heart a little.  But it’ll get easier
  • Temper tantrums will happen.  And they’ll start way earlier than you think is possible.  Figure out a way to diffuse them, quickly.
  • You’ll learn how to eat with one hand, type with one hand, shower quickly, and use the bathroom with the door open from the time they are born until they are old enough to entertain themselves….sooo 18 years?
  • Every time your little ones goes to sleep through the first year (and probably beyond) You’ll find yourself glued to the baby monitor to make sure they are still breathing.
  • When (if) your child finally sleeps through the night for the first time, you’ll probably lose more sleep than usual because you’ll be checking on them every few hours to make sure they are actually just sleeping.
  • Grandparents are one of the best gifts your children can have in life.  Let your kids be spoiled, loved, and given everything that only a Grandparent can give.
  • Remember to take some time away with your hubby.  It’ll be like you’re dating again.  You’ll have to learn to be with just each other all over again.

I’m sure I could keep going, but I think you get the point.  Being a Mother is a gift you can’t put into words.

To my own Mama,
Thanks Mums for always being there,
for teaching me so much,
for being my shoulder to cry on and my best friend.

Love you.

mothers day



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