Pregnancy Cravings

When I was preggers with J I craved milkshakes and salads.  I had a few random cravings for a few things here and there, but nothing totally out of the ordinary for what I eat on a regular basis.  Somewhere I heard that your cravings are you body telling you that you are missing something and you need more of it…if that’s true then with J I needed calcium and ranch dressing? Haha.

With #2 I am having more random cravings.  Still nothing that I haven’t eaten before – and no pika here thank goodness… There’s still something about salads though so I have to get one any time we go out to eat – making one at home just isn’t the same!.  But this time around I have been having dreams about food.  

Last night I had some very specific dreams about strawberry Poptarts and pickles.  (Not together though)  But it was a vivid enough dream that today I had to go out and get those very things!  Actually Poptarts and pickles and M&M’s made up the majority of my dinner tonight…he he  

Granted I’m only 11 weeks in, so who knows what’s coming.  With J there were a few nights during my second trimester that I ate ice cream and kettle corn for dinner.  I think Hubs knew better than to argue with a pregnant woman about what makes for a “good” dinner!


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