The Sisterhood of Motherhood

There’s something about being pregnant, being a mom that brings other mother’s together.  A common bond that you now all intimately share.  Random strangers you encounter while out and about, friends that you’ve lost touch with, cousins, distant high school acquaintances all suddenly become closer to you.  Drawn together by this little pull of motherhood. 

People you barely know, or wouldn’t normally approach suddenly have this approach-ability to them.  A common thread that you can tug on to enter into a conversation that you wouldn’t normally have had.  “How far along?” “When are you due?” “Boy or girl?” Aren’t deemed as inappropriate or prying questions when coming from someone else in the same boat.  There’s no need  to guard yourself and your growing belly from the reaching out of curious hands from a mother who’s carrying a belly of her own.  

If you are through the pregnancy part and have little ones of common ages, those silly little creatures we love so much become the strings that tie us together instead.  Your little one catches the attention of the little one at the next table and all of a sudden an instant friendship of sorts is formed with a complete stranger, if only for a few quick seconds.  An understanding that is inherent and buried so deep that you don’t even question it.

Mom’s get it.  Mom’s to be are on their way to getting it. “IT” being the all-knowing and yet totally unknown adventure that you’ve entered into by becoming a parent.  The even playing field that life becomes the second that you enter into this new chapter in your life.  Total strangers who find this one common link in otherwise unrelated worlds or societies.

How powerful this one little thing can be…


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